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Cover, The Cullean Legacy

The Cullean Legacy

“After this I know not who will come”

A story about Wrecking, Salvage, Freemasons, Templars and Gold, written around the harsh and unremitting lives of an inshore fishing community. A powder keg of conflicting Cultures and Organisations with secrets.

Eskby is an ancient close-knit fishing town clinging close to the economic edge on the wild and desolate North East coast of England. Richard Cullean is the last of the male line of the once powerful and influential Cullean fishing clan. The Culleans; fishermen, wreckers, salvage men, lifesavers and Freemasons had for generations ruled the fishing community in the once thriving small port with impunity.

 But Richard, has a dark secret.  He possesses a small quantity of gold bullion bearing an elaborate cipher of unknown provenance, and is the gatekeeper to a fabulous hidden treasure of unbelievable value from a historic wreck, the Western Star.  The Culleans have known for generations that this wealth would destroy their family line and in a conspiracy of fear down the years, its location was concealed in coded texts.  The knowledge of this secret has cost his forebears all of their treasured and influential Masonic connections, for the value of “that which is lost” cannot just be measured in monetary terms, as it bequeaths great power with the potential to change modern society.  The secret is so feared, that even Richard has been denied the key to its location.  However, in his later life Richard now wishes to provide for his beautiful daughter Francey, and arranges to quietly dispose of his own bullion. For this, he confides in his old friend Murdo McAllister, Landlord of the ancient pub the Weather Glass, after which a disastrous train of events is unleashed.

Murdo’s Uncle Alistair on the Isle of Skye in semi-retirement from the jewellery trade is tasked to dispose of the gold, but only Murdo knows that Austen is also a Knights Templar and deals with the secret archives of the Edinburgh Preceptory.  The bullion is soon identified as having come from the wreck of a Templar ship lost in 1861, and that the whole consignment of Templar wealth was in excess of the imagination. But by now the secret is out.  While alerting the Templars to the possible discovery of their treasure, a chain of treachery and betrayal now sees the murder of Austen and another Templar by one Jim Storey, a ruthless and powerful Glasgow crime boss and drug smuggler,  helped by his psychopathic henchman Bolland. 

As the Templars set out to recover their wealth with Richard Cullean. Storey, in company with Lawyer Michael Glazier, the maverick American Sherrin and a Salvage Company do the same.  Men die when a deal goes wrong.  In a web of conspiracy, deceit and treachery, the Templars try to settle old scores and Storey turns to his Political friends for help.  Soon there is a conflict of interest as Michael forms a bond with Francey, and Richard revisits his own spiritual enlightenment as he discovers dark deeds in his family’s past. Ever present with brooding malevolence, the deadly rocks and reefs off Eskby hold their secrets well -  they take and never give back.

As modern Police technology, British Intelligence and Templar manoeuvring catch up with Storey, his untouchable Bolland soldiers on with his dark arts. As the story moves forward, strange new allegiances are formed and old ones from past generations come to the fore as the Peace Process in the Province of Northern Ireland is threatened. Does the lost consignment really exist, and if it does who knows where it is?  How many more will die in the attempt to restore that which is lost — the wealth “that will turn the minds of men”.

The story ranges across the North of England, Scotland, Ireland, the Channel Islands and three police forces as everyone tries to acquire the greatest prize of all time – the historical wealth of Solomon, the Cullean Legacy.  

Anthony Green 2011