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About the Author

 Anthony Green has lived on the North East Coast of England for nearly all of his life.  While rubbing shoulders with the capricious North Sea, he has witnessed at first hand its moods, graces and terrible destructive force.  During this time he was a crew member, Lifeboat Operations Manager and Launching authority of the local Lifeboat and a member of other Rescue Services.  He is qualified in long range communications and Radar, and is a former Head of Project for fifteen years of the investigation into the historic wreck of the Bonhomme Richard, involving prestigious International Organisations. 

Anthony started by venturing into song writing in his early years and currently authors a website relating to historical and cultural matters, for which he has published short pieces.

His experience as an International Yachtsman in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Northern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean, coupled with boat delivery at sea have all forged his creative work.

Note from the Author:

Well, that's the formal stuff over and done with.  First of all, thank you for purchasing this book, I appreciate this greatly.  This is my first one, and if you enjoyed it and think that your friends would find it enjoyable, please be so kind as to submit a review on Amazon. 

I really hope that you enjoy this modern adventure yarn that has one foot in the past, and that you get as much pleasure out of reading it as I have had in preparing it.  Although this is a work of fiction, I have tried to weave the taste of salt and sand into the story and maybe, just maybe, you will leave a trace of it on the carpet when you come back.  In addition to any reviews on Amazon that you might give, if you have any constructive comments or queries then please forward them via the 'Contact' link with your name. I will try and acknowledge you as soon as I can.

This is a temporary website and it will have improvements in the future.  G March 2013


North Sea Storm

"A full storm in the North Sea as it would become, was a sight to behold."
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